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A Warm Message From TheJoeCamNet:
Ahhh. Mystic Quest. One of the greatest OverLooked games for the SNES. It's hated by many for being a blemish on the legacy that is Final Fantasy, but it's nowhere near as bad as FFX-2, so stop bitching. Love it or hate it, the soundtrack was easily one of the coolest in the series so I felt it was perfect fodder for an OLR projekt. I took it upon myself to organize this and while the end result isn't what I was hoping for it to be, it's exactly how I want to remember OLR. Funny mixes from talented people just having fun. I want to thank all the guys on this project for seeing OLR the way I saw it. A site for joke mixes and a place where people could just fuck around and still make good, quality tunes. Sadly, I cannot evade drama in projects.

This project marks my farewell to the OLR community.


A mix of personal reasons and the fact that the system is just plain fucked. You used to be able to distinguish the bad from the funny. Songs had rankings from the 1s to the 10s. Now they all range from the mid 6s to the high 9s. Nothing stands out anymore. Nothing seems special anymore.

I saw the site as an awesome place to hear some legitmately funny songs and some pathetically, hilariously bad songs. Now it's just a place that houses bad songs that just aren't funny. There's no originality to the hilarity except from the guys who were there from the start, Hella Tight and Disk Masta in particular, and I'm not just saying that because they're close friends. I believed in OLR and what it was all about. I proudly associated myself with OLR and stood up for the site when I was laughed at or made fun of, but sadly I can do that no longer. I still respect all the people over there and will miss many of the great people in that community (and thanks for the Christmas cards, Nesper and Singing Colors), but I can't be a part of a site that isn't what I felt it was all about. This is my farewell. So I can remember what was good about OLR. What I loved about OLR. Funny songs from people who are just fucking around. Where did all the humor go?

Joe Cam
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